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Thanks for trying SuperFavs.  This is a great improvement on Microsoft Internet Explorer's Favorites option. The download is located at the end of this page

When I perform my day-to-day job routines I find myself going to the same sites and using some of the same files over and over again. When I go to IE favorites I have to look through a long list of sites with no order other than alphabetic.  Not to mention my favorite files that I need to open - What!!  - NO FILES??

I could add folders but still would have none of my files and the folders were EVERYWHERE!!! There was no sensible grouping of information and this was extremely painful!!  Now there is an easy way to keep up with your most important sites and files too!! - grouped and at your finger tips...

All you'll see is a single button that takes care of everything.  The footprint is so small you will barely know its there... but you cant loose it because its always on top. It opens in the upper-right portion of the screen  and is moveable by dragging it to any desired position

Dble-click on the program file and you're ready for action!  You can even put a copy of the SuperFavs application and data file on your protable drive and use it on any other computer... right from the portable drive!!

(NOTE: Some computer administrators won't allow SuperFavs to run for security/virus reasons)

Here's how it works.

Right click and you can add new sites or files (including the path), make changes to existing site or file names, change URLS, and delete individual sites, site groups, or files.

You can add a desktop icon by selecting the "Create Desktop Icon".

After you've added your sites/files, exit the form and click on the SuperFavs button.  You will see all the names of all sites/files you added or changed (you'll always see Lewis Data and Google even though it doesn't show up in the edit/add list). 

Just click on one of your site names and a new, separate IE window opens.


Initially when you download the SuperFavs file, you will only have a single file (SuperFavs.exe).  The example to the right shows the information that has been entered in the screen shown above.  When you create your first entry the application will automatically create a separate text file named SuperFavs.txt - this is where the application stores all the list and web site information. 


NOTE: If you decide to carry your information with you be sure to copy both files or you wont have any of your site information.


Click Here if you need a FREE Zip File Utility

DOWNLOAD SUPERFAVS : (1) create a folder and name it "SuperFavs"; (2) to download this file, Click the image to the right and save the file in the folder you just created and (3) unzip it (If you do not have a zip file utility click on the link above and install it).  (4) Right-Click on the file and unzip it.  (5) Once unzipped, Dble-click on the file in the folder and you're ready to go.  Enjoy!!

 Zip (only 51k)

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