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I have a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an associate degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on programming solutions.  I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and Certified Solution Developer.  Listed below are ways I've helped some of my clients.

Metal Fabricator (ISO Document Tracker Application)

Analysis of existing ISO paper document system.  System involved tracking of employee training processes from document creation thru employee training completion.  Uses electronic signatures (accessed via userID & password) to create and sign MS Word documents automatically.  This system also creates a log for each employee training (grouped by department); has the ability to track only active employees.  Created an MS Access database to store most of the employee training information thus reducing the amount of disk space required to store actual documents on the server.  Required toolset:  Visual Basic 6, VBA, ADO, SQL and Access 2000.

Faux Stone Co. (Application &Database Design/Conversion)

Analyze existing Access 97 Order/Invoicing System; worked directly with users to define/refine requirements, estimate, and code new VB front-end with a SQL Server back-end.  System involves entering, editing, viewing & printing bills-of-lading, invoices, reports, tracking of aged receivables, credit limits & remaining credit; security log-on with multi-criteria for GUI screen control; Convert existing data into new Access 2000 database; normalize existing data, add, remove & replace tables and multiple data fields (will eventually convert the new Access database to SQL Server); build maintenance screens to add users, products, pricing strategies, customers, addresses, etc.; removing front-end from Access and designing a much more richer  interface (database & application) to administer ease of use, minimize new user training and accidental database corruption.

Required toolset:  n-tier concepts, COM, Visual Basic 6, ADO, SQL and Access 97 & Access 2000, SQL Server 2000.  

Stock Brokerage Firm (OCX Control  -Desktop Broker)   Financial reporting tool that tracks un-reviewed stock transactions. Created a generic Active X control with all the capabilities of the MS TreeView; in addition it has built-in capabilities for displaying ADO recordset information.  Without code, a developer can set level-based tree properties and methods such as start/end Node levels, number of RollUp levels, images for each level, number of levels to be expanded, which levels will be bold font text, and the fore/back colors. The BetaLinkTree uses a constituent control, the MS TreeView OCX, as its base.  Developed a test application that is used to test the control.  Required toolset:  n-tier concepts, Access 2000(test database design), COM, Visual Basic 6, ADO.

Boat Sales Co. (Web site Database Design/Conversion)   Converted site from Unix to Microsoft platform and added a new database.  Gathered primary user wants and needs including naming and defining all current and potential database fields. Used most of the business logic source code of the existing web pages. Modified existing HTML pages (changed from Unix to MS platform) and added several new HTML & ASP pages to allow access and retrieval of data.  Converted text file data to a new Access2000 database. Required toolset:  n-tier concepts, Access 2000(client database conversion from flat files to Access design), COM, Visual Basic 6, VBA, ASP, ADO, SQL, HTML.

Large Software Mfg. (Security Project)   
Responsible for client as well as server database designs, storage, retrieval, and reporting of data; development of COM objects to retrieve and store security information related to an overall security testing application that uses private, secured web pages that communicate to and from client machines within Microsoft Corporation. When a user runs a security check, the latest security fix information is retrieved from the data server. The userís machine security is compared to the latest security fix information.  Once the comparison is complete, the results are sent to a results database.  An administrator can view aggregate user data via the Access Report generator.  Required toolset:  n-tier concepts, Access 2000(reports & client database design), SQL Server 7 (server database designs; tables & stored procedures), COM, Visual Basic 6, VBA, ADO, SQL, HTML.
Metal Stampings Co. (Inspections Application)

Analysis of existing legacy Inspection System.  System involved tracking inspection jobs, each with many inspection data items. Worked directly with users to define/refine requirements.  Re-designed existing system (database & application) to minimize user implementation and need for documentation; developed a sleek new user interface and report as well as report previews; included a rich set of new features that the original system lacked.   Analyzed and converted the existing dBase (legacy) database to Access.  Required toolset:  n-tier concepts, COM, Visual Basic 6, ADO, SQL and Access 2000


Credit Card Co.  (Fee Based Customer Solicitation System)   

Client/server development in a Windows NT environment for fee-based credit card services.  Gather business requirements from users and create technical specifications for myself as well as other programmers. Design, code and implement database applications using Visual Basic 5 & 6 user interfaces with Oracle 7 & 8 (write PL/SQL functions, packages & cursors) back-ends.  Develop various class objects and ActiveX DLLs as required. Write and assist technical writers with documentation for developers as well as end-users.  Required toolset:  n-tier concepts, Oracle 7 & 8, PL-SQL, Visual Basic 5 & 6, COM, DAO.  


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